BunduAwn Reflective Awning 2.95m


The BunduAwn – Awning 2.95m 

It boasts:

•  Manual operation

• Shade awning around all three sides of  the vehicle

• Doesn’t collect water

• Aluminised to reflect heat away

• Cool even in direct sunlight

• 2.45m and 2.95m options

• Full aluminium construction

• No hot air gets trapped underneath

This awning boasts a large surface area and custom lengths

Side Panels can be ordered separately.

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The Standard 360

We call this awn the 360 because it wraps around your vehicle.

It comes in a 2.45 and a 2.95 size.

Each arm has guy ropes to tie down in poor weather.

We HIGHLY recommend this profile, since the design works in triangles:

The forces spread over the triangle design gives it more rigidity and strength.